How to avoid these 6 mistakes when applying for grants in Singapore?

Public Funding Singapore

By Mathias Boissenot

Rated number one in the world by the World Bank for ease of doing business, Singapore provides a variety of grants. In its most recent budget, the city-state’s government amplified its support toward the tech sector through a number of publicly funded schemes.

Still, many tech companies are currently missing out on the opportunity to benefit from these grants. We take a look at some of the main slip-ups.

How to avoid the main mistakes when applying for grants in Singapore?

  1. Targeting the wrong grant
  2. Misunderstanding PIC’s definition of R&D
  3. Forgetting about funding
  4. Failing to claim staff costs under the PIC
  5. Mixing up “technology innovation” with “service innovation”
  6. Pitching it wrong

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