France-Singapore Call for Proposals on joint innovation projects

Launched in September 2018 by BPI France and Enterprise Singapore, this program funds French and Singaporean companies that embark on a joint R&D project.

Key highlights:

  • The joint R&D project should aim to develop a product;
  • The French company is funded through a Reimbursable Advance of up to 3 millions euros or a grant of up to 45% of the project cost for Deep Tech projects;
  • The Singaporean company is funded through a grant that covers up to 70% of the project cost;
  • A consortium agreement must be signed between the entities (at least 1 French and 1 Singaporean company);
  • The project must be structured to fit the requirements of both funding programs;
  • Technical domains include but are not limited to MedTech, CleanTech, Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Fintetch, Smart Cities, etc.

With a presence in Singapore and France, GAC Group is your key partner to:

  • Source and find a relevant French or Singaporean company to partner with;
  • Structure a project that fits the funding program requirements, both from a financial and technical perspectives;
  • Draft the legal framework – a consortium agreement that states the project framework, revenue sharing, IP sharing, Data Management, etc;
  • Submit a strong project proposal (prior Art research, market analysis, project roadmap, etc.);
  • Protect the outcomes of the project and your interests with a dedicated IP strategy.

Our consulting fees can be granted by both agencies on a case-by-case basis.

To further understand the Singaporean innovation ecosystem and the synergies that exist between the two countries, we invite you to read the article we published on TechInAsia .